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02 - Small Talk for Small Business General talk about Starting a Business -- Sponsored By: Opportunity World Magazine
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Old 01-30-2007, 05:28 AM
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Default What's Your Selling Sentence?

What's your Selling Sentence? If you have a
small business, you need a selling sentence.

Sometimes called the Defining Sentence or the
Secondary Statement, the Selling Sentence is the
group of words that clarify and refine the the
nature of your business when seen or heard with
the name or logo of your business. You tell ‘em
what you do for them' with your Selling Sentence.

The Selling Sentence clearly differentiates your
business in the eyes of your current and potential
customers or clients. "When it absolutely,
positively, has to be there overnight" reinforces
the FedEx brand.

McDonald's has used Selling Sentences for
individual products. "Two all beef patties,
special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on
a sesame seed bun"

Selling Sentences are similar to Unique Selling
Propositions, or USPs. But they differ because
that they are more focused and are presented in
one sentence or less. USPs can be much longer,
resembling a mission statement.

Develop your own Selling Sentence to be displayed
under the business name or logo. If it won't fit
there, it is too long. The Selling Sentence should
appear in the same spot every time the name of the
business or logo is displayed: newspaper ads,
store sinage, yellow pages, business cards.
Everywhere the logo goes, so goes the Selling

Look at the big boys. Lots of Selling Sentences,
some short enough to be called Selling Statements.
All fit under the business name.

A Selling Sentence is extremely important if your
business name does not reflect on the nature of
the business or the product. FedEx was shortened
from Federal Express, both of which mildly suggest
package handling. Since the Selling Sentence
accompanied all references, we all know FedEx is a
package delivery service.

Murray's Plumbing would not need a Selling
Sentence to clarify the nature of the business,
but rather one to set it apart from hundreds of
Murray's Plumbing
We show up on time and smell
good or your don't pay!

Now Murray and his people must maintain the
Selling Sentence by keeping the promise. FedEx
says over 99% of packages get there overnight. The
Selling Sentence should not change unless you
intend to re-brand the business, so get it right
from the get-go.

Convene your own brain trust of employees and
friends and peers for a free association session.
List what can be said about your business in one
sentence. Emphasize your biggest customer benefit.

Write them all down, no matter how goofy. With the
group, trim the list to 10 before you bring out
the refreshments. Sleep on it and make a final
decision the next morning.

Papa Fred’s Car Wash
Satisfaction Guaranteed
DOUBLE your dirt back.

Ralph's Refuse
Our Business is Picking Up
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Old 01-30-2007, 08:26 AM
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thanks for good reminders...
.on paper ads ours is , come see a big full shop in a nice country setting....and the clincher...3 buildings full....we have used that for over 10 yrs...another on that really hits us right, we hope, and we use a lot...a fun place to shop..
i try and think about this but hard to get good ideas, good workable ones...that really fit..our thing has changed drastically and we are changing our message and this is so up in the air on the right new words...we need to make it so the modern girl knows we arent just antiques anymore...and hate to rock the boat..very mixed and twisted needs as usual...
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