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04 - The Business Plan Writing & Using a Business Plan

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Old 05-04-2017, 10:11 PM
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Default requesting advise on starting a business plan


I'm a contractor who owns a business in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I develop software.

I started my business on Jan. 25 2016, and it survived on one client for a little over a year after which point the client hired me on full time as an employee. I still own the business but it is in a dormant state right now.

For that year, I was classified as a personal services business which means for all practical purposes I was indistinguishable from an ordinary employee--I'd come in at 8:00, I'd have a desk, a computer, phone, internet, I'd do my work, and then leave at 5:00. They would supply me with everything I needed: power, internet, rent, equipment, etc. which is what separates me from a small business.

For the next year or so, I want to develop a business plan so that I can resurrect my business and diversify. My goal is to become an independently operating small business within about 2 years.

I sought out a forum like this one for advice and learning.

So far I've come up with a very rudimentary list of expenses I anticipate paying as a small business. This is by no means exhaustive nor accurate. I basically ball parked the numbers, and I'm not even sure everything on the list will be included:

-rent: $2,000/month
-power: $100/month
-phone: $100/month
-internet: $100/month
-marketing: $5,000/month
-gas/travel: $500/month
-accounting: $500/month
-IT Support: $1000/month

This is assuming a few things:

1) That I will work out of an office. I'm not sure I will need to do this, at least not at first. From what I understand, I can deduct half my rent if I work out of home (in Canada). Same for utilities and such.

2) I will have no employees at first. It will all be me. Marketing, IT support, accounting--all these things will be outsourced at first (my place of employment right now pays a flat monthly rate for their IT support; this would be very convenient for me).

3) I can separate the basic cost of operations from that of specific projects/clients. For example, suppose I rent out some space on AWS or Azure for a web application a client wants me to develop. I would include that in what I charge the client, not my operating costs, so I wouldn't include it in the list above.

I'm sure there's a whole lot I'm leaving out (some on purpose, some because I'm not thinking of it), but that's why I'm here. I want the help and knowledge of others with way more experience than me. This is just a place to begin. I want to flesh this out.

Is there anything you would add or change? Looking forward to your feedback.
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